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Passionate About Inspiring Others

About Me

"It’s time for you to eliminate the cancers in your life, and embrace what is waiting for you. We all have a common goal...Living life abundantly CANCER Free!"

~Shakisha D.

Who is Cancer Free Kisha?

After being diagnosed at age 35 with Stage 3 Breast Cancer, Shakisha Davis decided to embrace her diagnosis and turn her pain into gain.  So she started vlogging her chemo sessions and sharing valuable insights that were gained.  Her videos began to touch many people and give light to a disease that affects many families.  One day after reaching one of her lowest points, God revealed to her the purpose of her cancer journey.  Shakisha realized that she had to let God fight her cancer disease, but it was up to her to fight the cancers in her life that she could control.  From that day, “C.A.N.C.E.R. Free Kisha” was birthed.  At that moment, Shakisha embraced the CANCER Free Lifestyle and chose to Cancel All Negative Communications, Emotions. and Relationships from her life that were hindering and distracting her from her destiny.  From her journey of becoming CANCER Free, she can encourage and assist others in doing the same.  


So come join CANCER Free Kisha and become a part of the CANCER Free Krew!  It’s time for you to eliminate the cancers in your life, and embrace what is waiting for you. Regardless of the cancers in your life, we all have a common goal...Living life abundantly CANCER Free!

Cancer Free Kisha (Shakisha Davis) embracing the Bald & the Beautiful!

Professional Background

Shakisha Davis is a first-generation college student born in Dillon, SC and granted the opportunity to pursue a free education with the assistance of UNCF, Bill and Melinda Gates, USAA Funds, and Wal-Mart. Ms. Davis secured over $250,000 in scholarships!  As an Inaugural Gates Millennium Scholar, Ms. Davis ventured off to the University of Georgia where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development. With continued funding, she started graduate school at Columbus State University where she obtained her Master of Education in School Counseling.  During that time she focused her thesis on fatherless daughters, to better understand herself (as a daughter of divorce) and others whom she served. She continued her education and enrolled in Clemson University’s doctoral program in Educational Leadership for Higher Education with a specialization in Youth Development Leadership. 


Shakisha’s eclectic background has permitted her the opportunity to work with a culturally inclined group of professionals and students.  Ms. Davis has worked as a Counselor, College Transfer Coordinator, Educational Specialist,  and Nonprofit Leader  in both the community and higher education settings.   Her background has equipped her with the knowledge needed to modify negative behavioral  patterns;  encourage  appropriate  independence  to  promote feelings  of  competence;  and  encourage individuals  to  make  choices  within  a  reasonable  range  of  possibilities.  Being faced with many adversities during her life, her persistent attitude allowed her to stay devoted to her education while remaining a UNCF & Gates Millennium Scholar for nearly ten years.   Over the years Ms. Davis has helped hundreds of students pursue and persist in college, even when the odds were against them.  Her nonjudgmental and caring personality creates a safe environment for all regardless of their background. 


Over the years Ms. Davis has received many achievements which include being chosen by Independent Sector as a 2013 NGEN (Next Generation) Nonprofit Leader under the age of 40. She is a consistent advocate for youth in various cities throughout South Carolina & Georgia. She's served as Chair for SC TRiO's Student Leadership Conference. Currently, Ms. Davis is a Certified Girls Circle Facilitator and a Fatherless Daughter Advocate. She also founded her own nonprofit, STIGMA Inc. for Fatherless Daughters. In 2016 she was inducted into the National Association for Professional Women (NAPW). During her free time, Shakisha enjoys traveling, dancing, and spending time with loved ones, especially her 9-year old daughter, Sereniti, who is the joy of her life. Her presence has truly blessed Ms. Davis in more ways than one!


Shakisha & her daughter, Sereniti

Personal Philosophy

Shakisha’s personal experiences have taught her the true meaning of Frederick Douglass’ quote, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Hence, she is determined not to let her experiences deter her from her purpose but encourage her to push forward. With that same mindset, C.A.N.C.E.R. Free Kisha will help others meet their goals.

There is a distinction between a person who wants to make a difference for personal enjoyment and one who only wants recognition. Personally, Ms. Davis is intrinsically motivated to impacting lives. She believes that she can help carry individuals across the threshold and into a world of opportunity. Ms. Davis states, "I want to be the person making a difference in their lives--showing them that you can overcome any circumstance with determination and a sound support system."

Shakisha & one of her biggest supporters...her sister, Candias
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